30 Sep 2010

So, this sounds obvious and,  in all honesty, it is obvious. But perhaps it is so obvious that you've never really thought about it.
If you are a general spiller/dripper/hair in your dinner lazy kind of eater, this could be worth considering the next time you have a meal - especially useful for soups and any meal with sauce.

#3 Lean forward when eating to avoid drips

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17 Sep 2010

This is one of those things which seems ridiculously obvious. Generally, I like to think that I have quite good common sense, but when this was suggested to me one evening after my fifth or sixth trip to bin to scrape another plate clean, well, it pretty much changed my world.
This may be a slight exaggeration, but I’m including this for those other poor souls for whom this may also be a revelation.

#2 Scrape all food waste onto one plate, meaning only one trip to the bin

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14 Sep 2010

Let us start with one of the most practically useful pearls of wisdom handed to me by my mother. This simple technique allows you to slice an onion into small bits, quickly, easily and with minimal crying. I use it every time I need to fry onion to start a dish.
1.       Use a sharp knife. With the skin still on, cut the onion in half through the root. It’s important that the half root remains intact as this holds the onion together.
2.       Place one half of the onion face down and cut of the end (be careful not to cut the root by accident). At this point you should easily be able to remove the skin.
3.       Slice several incisions lengthways. Do not cut through the root, or your onion will fall to pieces.
4.       Now cut across the onion, instantly creating small pieces to pop into your frying pan. Easy!

#1 How to slice an onion

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